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Macfuge Centrifuge

The range of MACFUGE products consists of vertical centrifuges, high speed centrifugal separators, in different configurations

  • Separator with automatic discharge or self-cleaning separators
  • Solid bowl Separators or manual cleaning separator
  • Nozzle separators or continuous discharge separator

Every configuration has been made in different executions such as:

  • separator purifier
  • separator clarifier
  • separator concentrator or skimmer.

The centrifugal separator MACFUGE is used for the separation of liquids with different densities or separation of solids from one or more liquids:

  • liquid / liquid
  • liquid / liquid / solid
  • liquid / solid

MACFUGE separation through the centrifugal force, generated by high speed rotation.

The advanced design and the carefully execution of the rotating components that are in contact with the fluid, makes the MACFUGE centrifugal separator extremely efficient from the fluid dynamics point of view, playing an important role in the separation, giving to the fluid the effect of the high centrifugal force.

The Mechanical efficiency combined with a fluid dynamic efficiency, makes the MACFUGE centrifugal separator an advanced equipment to convert electrical power into centrifugal force.

The separator performs in a short time and in a limited space, what it is usually required by a huge decanting surface in a long settling time; therefore the centrifuge represents an extremely efficient solution for separation, purification and cleaning of fluids.

The continuous research on materials, on production methods, innovative design solutions, integration with electronic and information technology, makes the MACFUGE centrifugal separator more and more competitive.

The experience acquired by our engineers in industry of fluids, the collaboration with engineering companies and system builders, have given rise to product lines made by standalone separators and by separation modules.

Manual Cleaning Centrifuge

Manual Cleaning Centrifuge

Self Cleaning Centrifuge

Self Cleaning Centrifuge